Youth Drag Workshop with Camila Salcedo

Learning from textile and drag artist Camila Salcedo, participants received an opportunity to build a gender-affirming look: from building an outfit from upcycled materials to learning drag makeup (both high femme, and facial hair application). Participants were guided through a sketching activity at Royal City Park, where they dreamt up their ideal look, and walked to Moonlight Studio where they sewed their new creations, applied makeup, and culminated the session in a photoshoot. The workshop was 6 hours-long and open to 6 queer participants.

At 8:30pm, the night before the workshop, I was notified that I had been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. After several months preparation for this workshop with Camila, I ultimately decided not to risk exposing any of the participants or the visiting artist, and forfeited my presence at the workshop. 

This was one of the most formative experiences of the residency, for me. Despite my anxieties about what could go wrong in my absence, Camila and an amazing team of volunteers executed the event without flaw. I was so grateful for the community and relationships I had formed while planning this event, and while I maintain a personal sadness about missing out on this amazing workshop, it’s provided a kind of joy and pride I couldn’t have anticipated, to witness this experience from the outside! 
***Thank you to Somer for taking photos of this event, and for allowing me to use her images in the final exhibition for the residency!***
Thank you to Laura from Moonlight Yoga for allowing
us to use this space, and for believing so fully in the purpose of this workshop. Moonlight Yoga was the ideal venue for this workshop, with floor-to-ceiling mirrors to practice makeup and facial hair application, atmospheric lighting, and a separate entrance for participants to come in! 

Thank you to Haley, from Shift Yoga Collective, for allowing us to borrow her sewing machine. 

Thank you to Ahmri, from Otherwise Studios, for allowing us to borrow different craft materials to help put looks together. 

Thank you to Mars and the rest of LaMira Rose Theatre Collective, for donating a huge amount of clothing for participants to upcycle for this workshop!

Thank you to my friends Kate, Alexa, Kiah, Somer, Morgyn, Mars, Riley, Cornelia, and Hannah for volunteering your time, donating materials, and lending materials!

final looks!

progress pictures